Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homebase does it again: Sandbloom opens for Bilal!

First, apologies for skipping out on Halloween. We normally go pretty hard for the event and try our best to win local costume contests (check out our winning ensemble feature from last year). In short, we ran short of ideas for this year. But we had a fantastic alternative: Homebase hosted their first ever concert event, Lovers Lane featuring Bilal and opening act Kevin Sandbloom!
We and three friends got gussied up and went to listen to the neo-soul/funk/rock concert.

Side note: Yes, we noticed that the title of the event was Lovers Lane and we fully acknowledge that, to the untrained eye, attending this event with girlfriends would seem - pathetic. For all you who might be thinking that you have what the brothers over at call "Ugly Girl Problems." Please, please don't be that guy.

We saw lots of people we know there - Homebase is family afterall - and cheered as Sandbloom sang his hits and Bilal killed the crowd with "Soul Sista" and "Sometimes". To top it all off we had late-night delight at Bobby Cee's. I had the fried chicken wings with dirty rice and yams. I don't know what those other dorks were eating.

The Basics for Homebase presents: Lovers Lane

Next event: November 27, 2010 Featuring: Anthony David
Cost: $25 - $35
Location: The Wyndam Hotel in Phoenix
Crowd: Grown and sexy but never, ever bourgeois (is it Bourgeois to say Bourgeois?)
Dress Code: Fashionable
Atmosphere: Relaxed, safe, fun

Clearly it is possible to have fun in Phoenix without exposing yourself to people who probably should be on the local sexual predator database (hide your kids, hide your wives...). So stay sexy, stay live, stay positive and stay far away from the club!

Next week we are skating in Tucson with the Mu Eta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. Check back for location/time/cost details.

Until then,
ABTC Girls


  1. Costumes rocked last year!! dead on look alikes! miss you guys!!

  2. Thanks! Next year we will go as Black girls who finally graduated and got jobs. Spooky!