Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guess Who's Back?!?!

Forgive us friends. We have been gone but we have the best weekend post to date. VEGAS! For Labor Day we and Shontielle and Muhsinah (Muffy) drove to Las Vegas, Nevada. To start we must be sure to tell you that many of our experiences have been purged into the mysterious depths of the Hoover Dam. But we can offer pics and some captions for your deducing pleasures...

Why you should go:
Vegas is not all about hedonism and gambling. There is so much fun by the pool, at fantastic restuarants and amazing parties. Plus world famous performers are there five nights a week. In our case, we partied with people from all over.
Vegas can be cheap. Thanks to Tasha's parents we paid $100 total for three nights in a bomb suite (kitchen, dining, washer/dryer, two baths, etc). We hustled our way into an exclsuive pool party, for example and took our own car. Also, if you can, try to skip the shopping (sorry Shony)!

Why you should skip it:
If you don't have good friends who are down to make moves and are not party poopers! Or, if you need more than three hours of sleep a night.

The Basics on Vegas!
Days: Any holiday weekend
Time: No such thing in Vegas
Driving Distance: Six hours from Phoenix if you take the regular long-route. Five hours if you take Tasha's homemade death-path and Muhsinah is driving 89 mph
Crowd: The entire 5th season from Jerry Springer, celebrities, newlyweds and best friends
Dress Code: fun, fun, fun
Atmosphere: Off the Wall, Don't Stop till you get Enough, Thriller...Never Can Say Goodbye!

In the midst of this recession remember the cover price to a Phoenix club is not tax deductible. So stay save your money and stay out the club!

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  1. Nice write up. Vegas is OK but I'd choose Miami over it any day. I am a little biased since Miami is my hometown.

    Thanks for the write up ladies and keep up the great work! We appreciate it all!!!