Friday, September 11, 2009

Wine Tasting with the Kappas!

Hey Guys! My name is Shontielle. I wasn’t originally involved in the creation of this blog, but I’m the new BFF in town to Tasha & Erica Nicole so I will be blogging about my weekend excursions as well!

Last night, Thursday, September 10th, I attended a wine tasting party hosted by the Phoenix Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Being that we just got back from a wild weekend in Vegas, it was a refreshing change of scenery. It was very mellow with nice conversation and extremely polite people. After being invited to this event I didn’t know what to expect, but I am very glad that I went. There were bottles of wine there to taste (for free), as well as great food/wine specials. The restaurant offered half off wine bottles with discounted dinner entrees. What more could a sistah on a budget ask for! Nice men in nice attire were in attendance, and I even met some new female friends.

Towards the end of the night about 6 of us got into a pretty heated discussion about interracial dating! Don’t worry, no one was harmed!!! But this is just another perk to attending this event. You can come out and voice your opinion on whatever topic is at hand without getting either pimp slapped, sucker punched, or threatened (as you would at tha club).

This event is normally held about once a month at the 1130 restaurant in the Arizona Center. If you are looking for good conversation, nice looking men and women, and a relaxed atmosphere, please find your way out to this event. I believe the Kappa’s send out an email for their wine tasting parties, so when we get the info on the logistics for the next one we will post them for you.

The Basics for Wine Tasting:
One Thursday out of the month
Time: 5:45pm – 10:30pm
Cost: FREE
Location: 1130 Restaurant in the Arizona Center Downtown
Crowd: Grown and Sexy, Sophisticated Business Professionals
Dress Code: Casual (most people did not wear jeans, even though I did)
Atmosphere: Laid Back, Stress-Free, Inviting, Cozy

And remember, drinking wine in the club is not PC!! LOL…so stay you azz out tha club!!!


  1. This is something that we should def support. Nice event with cool people? I'm down!

  2. YES!!! I was there, and I would have to agree with Shontielle!!! We had a great time. From the wine, nice looking professional men, great convo, and Free... it was a good time!!!
    It was also a great reason for womem to stop using the paucity of "available black men" rationale to explain why they can't get a black man because ladies, they were there... In numbers!!!

    As Shontielle stated, we ended it off with a large group discussion about interracial dating and preferences vs prejudices!!! Hot topicz! For real!

    This all stemmed from Hill Harpers new book "The Conversation". I am planning a conversation party on the disconnection between the African American family and disunion of our culture. I asked a few questions regarding this and off we went!
    Yep! A conversation party! We will be discussing:
    . Why black men date white women
    2. Why black women castigate white women and black men when they are seen together
    3. Why is a black woman called "angry" but a white women offered pity when she becomes upset
    These are just a few of the topics on the discussion list. This I must say is for the professional crowd only!!! As Shonny said, "you can come out and voice your opinion on whatever topic is at hand without getting either pimp slapped, sucker punched, or threatened" HAHAHA!!! ZERO tolerance for disrespect.

    This will be topics for grown folks. So if you ain't grown, stay at home!

    I Will keep you updated on time and date!

  3. black women are difficult to be in a relationship with because they are too demanding

  4. Just now seeing this! LOL Gabriel this is a hot mess! LMBO